Tupper Loan Co

Tupper Loan Co is the friendly finance company based in St Helier and run by the experienced David Tupper and Steve Moore.

David & Steve are here to help, so if you have project that you’re using JT Quote to find the right trades; Tupper Loan Co are standing by to offer our users competitive rates on personal loans. At Tupper Loan Co they make things easy, so why not let them help you finance your next project.tupper-roundel-dave

What types of projects or jobs can Tupper Loan Co help finance?

  • Building projects (renovations, extensions etc)
  • Garden landscape projects
  • Windows & Conservatories
  • Decorating projects
  • Vehicle repairs
  • Dental work

In fact, if you have any job, project or task and are looking to borrow from as little as £250, then David & Steve are standing by to help.

How to get advice on a loan

If you submit a quote request on JT Quote in a category where we think a loan or finance package could can help you, we’ll provide the option for you to request contact from Tupper Loan Co. This is purely optional of course and you can leave the box un-ticked if you do not wish for anyone to get in touch. We don’t make this option available if your indicated budget isn’t suitable.

If you choose to opt-in, once you complete your quote request we’ll share the details of your project/job that needs doing, as well as your contact preferences, with Tupper Loan Co. They will then make contact with you via your preferred method to discuss available loan/finance options.

The referrals to Tupper  Loan Co described on this page are an optional service provided with some quote requests based on what JT Quote deems to be a suitable size project. The service is opt-in by ticking the appropriate box during submission of a quote request. JT Quote promises not to share your details with any other parties other than their chosen loan partner (Tupper Loan Co). Any contract entered into thereafter by the customer with the loan partner is subject to the terms of that agreement and JT Quote will neither be privy to these details or accept any form of liability.